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10 Minutes: Gospel Reflections for Minds & Hearts

10 Minutes: Gospel Reflections for Minds & Hearts

Peter Malone
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10 Minutes is a fresh way to approach the study of the Bible. Take 10 minutes, it suggests, to read a chapter in the book that will introduce a Bible story that will lead to another 10 minutes of reflection, prayer and sharing. The approach is described as ‘writing your own Gospel’ – inviting us to recall our own versions of the life and teachings of Jesus – those favourite passages that have shaped our personal (and group) identities as disciples within the community called the church.

The approach acknowledges that this process probably reflects how the original stories were remembered, shared, modified and finally written down in the four Gospels in our New Testament. It is also an approach that, in our times, recognises the effect of film, stage and television on how those ancient messages have been shaped and recalled.

The reflections in 10 Minutes will move our hearts and minds to learn anew the revelation of what our God is like through the life of Jesus and the teaching of the Gospel.


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