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Moments of Celebration: Angus is Sorry

Moments of Celebration: Angus is Sorry

Helen Carboon
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Angus is sad because he did something to hurt his brother’s feeling. Now his brother is mad at him. His mum is mad at him, too. Angus is sorry and wants to say sorry to God. He has to show his brother and his mum that he’s sorry, but Angus isn’t quite sure how to go about that…

Moments of Celebration can come as planned events or as delight-filled surprises. Such moments can take hours or just a few minutes. These moments can occur in a designated location or anywhere at all.

The series Moments of Celebration shows how our experience of celebrating in the seemingly ordinary events of every day connects with, and deepens, the formal rituals that are core to the sacramental life of our Church community. Likewise, the formal rituals give shape and name to our experience of the God who comes to us ‘disguised as our life’. (Richard Rohr)

Enter these simple stories with the children you are educating and make your days and theirs rich in opportunities for Moments of Celebration!

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