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Care for Our Common Home: An Australian Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis' Laudato Si

Care for Our Common Home: An Australian Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis' Laudato Si

Bill Huebsch & Trish Hindmarsh
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This 32 page magazine, Care for our Common Home, An Australian Group Reading Guide to Laudato Si’ is an accessible way to take up the Australian bishops’ invitation for Catholic and Christian communities to confront the challenges, and opportunities, raised by Pope Francis’ new encyclical.

Proudly supported by Catholic Earthcare Australia.

Distilling down the encyclical’s 40 000 words over 184 pages, and offering reflections, discussion guides and unique Australian case studies this reading guide is ideal for parish and school communities to take action now!

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This accessible guide to Latauto Si’ features:
- Unique plain English language summary of the text cross-referenced to the original paragraphs
- Additional commentary relating the encyclical in a truly Australia context
- Discussion questions for six study sessions
- Pope’s concluding prayer and St Francis’ Canticle of the Sun printed in full
- Evocative photos related to the text and the issues Pope Francis call us to address
- Proudly printed in Australia from responsible sources that support the conservation of forests and wildlife

Why and How to use this 32 page magazine?
Pope Francis’ Laudato Si is proving to be one of the most important documents of our era – not just as a clarion call to combat climate change, but a call to the very heart of modern-day Catholic social teaching. Therefore, the importance of understanding this encyclical cannot be understated. 

In Parish environments:
- An ideal resource to share with all parishioners and families throughout your community to enable them to understand Pope Francis’ call to take action individually and collectively and protect ‘our common home’
- A must have reference for parish councils and leaders to understand Francis’ updated view on not just the state of the environment, but his views on modern-day, Catholic Social teachings.
- An enriching and powerful discussion guide that may be readily used in your parish study groups, RCIA and other adult faith formation activities (offering six study sessions).
- A ‘handbook’ that must be passed on to the next generation as part of your youth ministry endevours.

Schools can:
- Enable REC’s and teachers to gain a clear summary of the encyclical
- Use the study questions, prayers and reflections as part of your PD in your staff rooms
- An idea resource for student discussion that can immediately be used in not just you RE classrooms, but across your curriculum
- A gift for all families, one that will also reinforce your school’s Catholic Identity and enhance your Mission.

Share 32-page Australian reading guide is the perfect way to throughout your community, and is proudly supported by Catholic Earthcare Australia.

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Priced to ensure that this ‘gift’ can be shared widely through your parish and school communities, Care for Our Common Home is a perfect way to share Pope Francis’ game changing message widely.

This full colour, 32-page magazine style reading guide can be distributed through your parish and your school community for as little as $5.76* ex GST a copy.  To make it possible for you to purchase copies for your school or parish, we offer attractive prices for bulk purchases.

Available from only $5.76 (ex GST) a copy. To make it possible for you to purchase copies for your school or parish, we offer attractive prices for bulk purchases. If you are a member of our Sophia BookClub you can purchase 50 copies for only $6.34ea or $5.76 after claiming back the GST. Note, a minimum order of 20 copies applies to allow for distribution through your communities.

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