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Pope Francis Big Book

Pope Francis Big Book

Ann Rennie
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Introduce students to Pope Francis, his life and role as the leader of the Catholic Church, his spiritual views, his vision for reform and students own role in shaping the future of the Church and our society.

Students and teachers alike will discover:

  •          Pope Francis’ most recent deeds of charity, mercy, and his humanising of the Church.

  •          His views, media presence, and actions on global events, ethics and the environment.

  •          His spiritual views on mercy, joy, prayer, youth, faith, leadership, gospel and his modelling on St Francis.

  •          His role as a reformist Pope and how he is changing people’s perception of the Catholic Church.

  •          His tolerance of other faith traditions and importance of interfaith dialogue.

  •          The process of electing a Pope, a concise history both the papacy and the Vatican.

Vibrant images, timelines, maps, charts, quotes, scripture, verses and diagrams enable teachers to engage and educate students in an exciting way.

Each page contains side panel with critical inquiry questions, scripture analysis and an activities to stimulate dialog and embed understanding.

The accompanying CD includes individual activity sheets per topic that can be printed for the classroom, and a copy of the actual book to use on projector screens or whiteboards to make teaching about the importance of Pope Francis and his teachings even easier. 

See where ‘Pope Francis’ fits into the ‘To Know Worship and Love’ project. 

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