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Reading the New Testament in the Church: A Primer for Pastors, Religious Educators and Believers

Reading the New Testament in the Church: A Primer for Pastors, Religious Educators and Believers

Francis J. Moloney
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Internationally respected scholar Francis Moloney offers a Catholic introduction to the New Testament that shows how to read it both faithfully and critically. The opening chapter and an epilogue directly address the theological requirements of, and historical challenges for, ecclesial reading. The remaining chapters give exemplary readings of the figure of Jesus and of the various divisions of the New Testament canon. Conceived as a resource for religious educators, deacons, and other ministers in the Catholic Church, this book will serve Catholics and others as an ideal supplement to a conventional New Testament introduction or as a companion to reading the New Testament itself.

Reading the New Testament in the Church succinctly describes the first-century context, insightfully probes what we know about the ‘historical Jesus,’ deftly explains the literary strategies of the Gospels, explores the passionate commitments and engaged rhetoric of the apostle Paul, and assists those wrestling with the complexities of somewhat strange texts such as Hebrews and Revelation. Readers seeking an introduction that combines scholarly integrity and theological responsibility will find Fr. Moloney’s book a welcome aid to understanding the foundational documents of the church.”
Harold Attridge
Yale Divinity School

“Frank Moloney’s very readable guide to the New Testament attempts to bridge the gap that all too often exists between the scholarly interpretation of Scripture and the faith of the church. By reminding us that the Scriptures were written by believers for believers, he encourages his readers to face up to the challenges they contain. Although the book is addressed primarily to Catholics, Christians of all denominations will discover here how sacred Scripture can still speak to and challenge believers today.”
Morna D. Hooker
University of Cambridge Life Fellow, Robinson College

“Reading the New Testament for its original meaning allows it to challenge and enrich our faith in ways we can barely imagine. In this book Frank Moloney, after decades devoted to rigorous yet creative historical analysis of biblical texts and from a lifetime of service to the church, equips religious teachers and the faithful with the essential knowledge they need to bring the New Testament into provocative conjunction with their own lives and their own experience.”
Philip F. Esler
International Centre for Biblical Interpretation, University of Gloucestershire

Reading the New Testament in the Church is a very fine and comprehensive introduction to the New Testament. The emphasis throughout is on the wealth of Scripture and the need to encourage believers to develop a deeper knowledge of, and encounter with, the sacred text. Such knowledge, the book argues, is integral to the church’s life and mission. Though aimed primarily at a Catholic audience, this is an immensely valuable resource for all Christians, whatever their denomination. It should be on every pastor’s shelf and on every seminary’s New Testament reading list.”
Dorothy Lee
Trinity College Theological School and Trinity College, Melbourne

Francis J. Moloney, SDB (DPhil, University of Oxford), is a Senior Professorial Fellow of Australian Catholic University at its Melbourne campus. He is the former Provincial Superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco for Australia and the Pacific region and has authored more than forty books, including Living Voice of the Gospel and Body Broken for Broken People.


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