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Astonishing Secret: the Love Story of Creation and the Wonder of You

Astonishing Secret: the Love Story of Creation and the Wonder of You

Daniel J. O'Leary
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Think well before starting on this book. It is an invitation. It will take you in many directions. Much of it may be new to you. But it will not be new to your heart. Your heart is already familiar with the mysteries we will be exploring. It will recognise the beauty. But your mind needs to escape from the frames and constraints of many past, flawed teachings. So keep your eyes wide open and free as you read. The book is a call to you to stretch your thoughts, emotions and imagination in many ways. There will be ideas about the world and God and yourself that will both trouble and delight your spirit. There will be resistance and confusion. There has to be. There is no other way to widen and deepen your faith-understanding. But it will transform your life. Read the book as you would read a love-letter from God.

“This is a beautiful book to be savoured by anyone with an appetite for spiritual nourishment of a very incarnational variety.”
Anthony J. Gittins, CSSp

“Daniel O’Leary never fails to enlighten and inspire. He wants us to reflect on the infinite love of God for each of us. Fr O’Leary is a joy to read.”
Anthony Redmond, Book Reviewer.

"Think carefully before reading An Astonishing Secret. It breaks open many of the religious frameworks of the past, and opens the reader up to new ideas about the sacredness of our life, and a faith that can genuinely transform. Recommended as valuable reading ..."
Tony Doherty
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