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Begin with the Heart: Recovering a Sacramental Vision (Book and DVD)

Begin with the Heart: Recovering a Sacramental Vision (Book and DVD)

Daniel J. O'Leary
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Rediscover just how the sacraments are connected to everyday life!

At a time of disillusionment and anxiety for the Catholic Church, Begin with the Heart introduces a radical dimension to the work of pastors, catechesis and religious educators.

Beloved Irish author Fr Daniel O’Leary encourages us all to rediscover just how the sacraments are connected to our personal lives, our relationships, our work, and the highs and lows of everyday life. 

Offering a powerful argument, O’Leary argues that if we are unable to encounter God around us in our everyday lives, we are unlikely to be able to see him at Mass! ‘Our focus on the sacraments, on certain ways of celebrating the liturgy, on defending doctrines, all of this is pretty meaningless if God hasn't already been encountered in the ordinariness of our lives.’

Drawing on insights from on a wide range of thinkers — including Karl Rahner, Richard McBrien and Thomas Aquinas — along with poets such as W.B.Yates and T.S.Eliot, O’Leary encourages us all to rediscover our ’sacramental vision’.

Begin with the Heart reconnects theology and belief with the lived experience of those in the pew or in the classroom and allows all to better connect with the divine.

A Bonus DVD offers a further powerful way to help students and parishioners to encounter God, and better understand the role faith plays in their lives.

Begin with the Heart is inspirational for all engaged in Catholic Education! It encourages us both personally and communally to relate with our God, our students and each other through a deep and grounded understanding of incarnational theology. It synthesises the wisdom of many and enables us to grasp faith in the everyday! It continues to inspire my ongoing privileged work with leaders, schools and parishes.

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