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Begin with the Heart: Recovering a Sacramental Vision (Book and DVD)

Begin with the Heart: Recovering a Sacramental Vision (Book and DVD)

Daniel J. O'Leary
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At a time of many distractions for church leaders, lay teachers and parish catechists are often left to fend for themselves. Working within the treasures of our tradition, this book hopes to offer some nourishment and inspiration both personally and professionally.

Begin with the Heart introduces a radical dimension to the work of catechesis and religious education. It calls for a dynamic theology and vital spirituality in all aspects of our educational endeavours.

The recovery of the notion of the ‘sacramental vision’ cannot fail to touch the creative imagination of today’s teachers and catechists. It ensures that the Catholic tradition of education will make an even greater contribution to the common good in our profoundly pluralist society. It is only from the teachers’ and catechists’ own inner passion and conviction that the hearts of others will catch fire and be transformed. It is time now for a new effort to realise the dream, to work the vision more surely.

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