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Little Catholic Explorers: The Church Set of 4 Books

Little Catholic Explorers: The Church Set of 4 Books

Jan Grajczonek
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The Little Catholic Explorers’ Series opens up and makes available for young children, some important aspects of the Catholic church. As children join the two young explorers, Anna and Josh, on their journeys, they find out about church and prayer in engaging and inquisitive ways

The Catholic church is at the heart of Catholic celebration. It is important that young children come to understand that the church is a vibrant part of every parish community. This series explores many aspects of the Catholic church both as a building, as well as its significance for Catholics.

This pack contains 4 books:

Book 1: What is inside a Catholic church?

The Catholic church is filled with special, holy objects and symbols. All are important to what happens inside the church. Do you know what is inside a Catholic church? Help Josh and Anna find out, as they explore inside a Catholic church.

Book 2: What happens at Mass?

The Mass is a special celebration. Catholics everywhere gather to celebrate the risen Jesus with each other. Do you know what happens at Mass? Join Josh and Anna, as they watch very closely everyone and everything that happens at Mass.

Book 3: What happens in the church?

So much happens in the church. People do many different actions. Each action has a special meaning. People bless themselves, they pray. What else happens in the church? Help Anna and Josh find out as they explore the many actions that happen inside the church.

Book 4: Who helps in the church?

Many people help in the Catholic church. Do you know who helps in the church? Anna and Josh go into the church to explore who helps. Join them as they find out who these people are and what they do to help in the church.

Dr Jan Grajczonek is Adjunct Professor, the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle. Before being appointed to this position, Jan had been Senior Lecturer and Director of Religious Education in the Faculty of Education and Arts at the Australian Catholic University, Brisbane Campus from 2000 to 2015.

Between the years 1978 and 1999, Jan had been a teacher and Assistant Principal Religious Education in Catholic primary schools in the Cairns, Toowoomba and Brisbane Dioceses. She has also held the position of Kindergarten Director.

Jan’s doctoral research was in the area of early childhood religious education. Her research interests include religious education in early childhood and primary school, young children’s spirituality and using children’s literature in religious education. She has authored several books, book chapters and academic papers and presents regularly at national and international conferences on early childhood religious education and young children’s spirituality.

Jan continues to work in developing curriculum in early childhood religious education, as well as providing professional development for early years and primary teachers of religion with Catholic Education offices across Australia.

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