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Enjoy the Good News: A New Testament Guide (Paperback)

Enjoy the Good News: A New Testament Guide (Paperback)

Alan Hogan
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This book is an attempt to share some of what he learnt about the New Testament with other Catholics, and with anyone else who may be interested. It is not so much a book about the New Testament as a plan for reading all the books that go to make it up, roughly in the order in which they were written, with such additional information as to make available the message that each author intended to convey.

‘I recommend Alan’s book to the audience for whom he has written: people who long to know more about the Scriptures, but who do not know where to begin or how to proceed. You will find in this introduction to the New Testament a most judicious balance of clearly explained technical details and an invitation to read the New Testament with confidence, in order to know Jesus our Messiah better and to live your Christian life more fully.’

Dr Michele A. Connolly, rsj
Academic Dean, Lecturer in Biblical Studies
Catholic Institute of Sydney
January, 2014.

After more than 50 years as a lawyer, having been a clerk, Judge’s associate, barrister, solicitor, law teacher, and five various types of judicial officer, Alan Hogan decided to retire, in order to do something different.
He obtained a Masters degree, majoring in Biblical Studies, at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He was astonished at how little he had known about the fundamental documents of his religion.


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