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Antiquum Ministerium: Instituting the Ministry of Catechist

Antiquum Ministerium: Instituting the Ministry of Catechist

Pope Francis
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New Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis!

Following the publication of the Directory for Catechesis, Pope Francis is sending the Church a new Apostolic Letter in the form of a "motu proprio" establishing the ministry of the catechist.

It is a very important step that recognizes the presence and importance of women and men who, thanks to their baptism, are called to a fundamental role in communicating faith, and educating children, young people and adults to it. The role of catechist will no longer be simply a parish assignment but a real Church ministry.

Pope Francis highlights the indispensable role catechists fulfil in teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. Already in the New Testament we find men and women helping the Apostle Paul to communicate the Good News. It is truly an ‘ancient ministry’ and one that has continued throughout the centuries to our present day.

Recognising the work of catechists around the world, in this Apostolic Letter Pope Francis formally establishes the ‘Ministry of the Catechist’.

It is an inspirational text for the delicate mission entrusted to catechists, that must be made available to every one of them.


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