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All the Beautiful Things: Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in a Fractured Church paperback

All the Beautiful Things: Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in a Fractured Church paperback

Beth Doherty
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Taking as its theme ‘beauty from ashes’ the beautiful image from Isaiah 61:3, All the Beautiful Things: Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in a Fractured Church is written at a time when the Catholic Church and its people are reeling from years of scandal. This book asks questions throughout and attempts to answer them based on the author’s lived experience; but it also engages a wide range of conversation partners. These answers are the result of interviews, surveys and conversations with people who love the Church, but seek reform and renewal. It is a ‘cri de coeur’, a cry of the heart to try to reclaim what has been lost. It is a taking up of a cross and walking on a journey paved with all manner of challenge. In the end, the author’s hope is to help others to rediscover the truth, beauty and goodness that still exist within Catholicism.

Like many who long for a more accountable church, Beth Doherty faces the question of whether to stay or go. The book does not minimise the failures of the Church, but is a call to action.
Sandie Cornish, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

At a time when it is difficult to have hope in the Catholic Church, this book responds by listening to real people who want it to return with authenticity to the message of Jesus.
(Bishop) Pat Power, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn.

Beth Doherty’s book reflects her wide reading and is enlivened by experience with Catholic organisations overseas and in Australia.
Andrew Hamilton SJ, Editorial Consultant, Jesuit Communications.

Beth Doherty’s experiences will strike a chord with many Catholics who feel hurt, but can’t shake from their feet the dust of the institution that has led them to Jesus.
Margaret Hebblethwaite, Theologian, Journalist and Founder of Santa Maria Education Fund

A Church that evolves over centuries develops accretions that need painful revisiting. The author calls for a deep renewal. A worthy read!
Maria Casey RSJ, Canon Law Consultant and Postulator for the Cause of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.

Beth Doherty is a journalist and educator. She is the author of Tweet others as you would wish to be tweeted: A scripture-based guide to social media for the Church published by David Lovell in 2015 under the auspices of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. She is passionate about using creative ways to share faith and promote a fairer world. She lives in Canberra with her rescue cat and Chihuahua, while taking regular volunteer trips to destinations that most people would pay not to visit.

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