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Daniel O’Leary Favourites Pack

Daniel O’Leary Favourites Pack

Daniel J. O'Leary

Collection of three favourite Daniel O’Leary titles. Containing 1 copy each of Astonishing Secret, Travelling Light and Treasured and Transformed.

Astonishing Secret

Inspired by Pope Francis’ writings — and in particular Laudato Si’ and Evangelii Gaudium —beloved Irish author Fr Daniel O’Leary offers exciting revelations about God, Creation, Incarnation, and the Wonder of You.

In Astonishing Secret, readers will be taken on a wonderful journey of discovery through forty-nine reflections. Instead of espousing a sin/redemption theology, O’Leary explores how Pope Francis, along with many other theologians, is calling us to a new way of looking at the world and the universe, and the place of Jesus and ourselves in the story of God’s love.

Like much of his work, O’Leary focuses on a Creation/Incarnation theology, in which God created us out of love and continues to love us unconditionally. This theology suggests that we are not born in a state of sin but are born pure and innocent and open to love. That in God’s infinite love Jesus was born as one of us to reveal, in a human way, God’s love.

Read this book as you would a love-letter from God.

Treasured and Transformed

In Treasured and Transformed, beloved author, speaker, pastor and retreat leader Fr Daniel O’Leary, focuses on the power of dreaming to transform oneself, and by doing so, transform the lives of others.

Much of O’Leary’s work focuses on the beauty of creation and the world around us. In this book he proposes that inner beauty is merely a reflection of that beauty we should all aim to seek out and discover.

“Now you will begin to perceive yourself and the world in a shockingly delightful way,” Daniel O’Leary writes. “You will discern the love and meaning in all your experiences, even the painful ones – especially the painful ones.

Instead of being diminished by your suffering, your vision will become profound and wise, your imagination will amaze you, your delight in life will flourish, your capacity to love deeply will flood your mind and heart, no matter what. And that beautiful ‘Catholic imagination’ will nourish the souls of those around you.”

Let Fr Daniel O’Leary help you discover your inner power, revitalise your spiritual energy, and re-energise your gift of imagination to transform your life.

Travelling Light

This bestselling book by author, speaker, retreat leader and long-term Tablet (UK) magazine contributor, Fr Daniel O’Leary’s landmark, offers reflections and practices for those in search of their true fulfillment and destiny.

Inspired by Fr Daniel’s own spiritual and ‘soul journey’, and drawn from a theology of creation and a spirituality of the heart, this book aims to empower the reader to take the time and trouble to bring more happiness and depth to their own life.

Reflections and practices can be used daily — long after you have finished reading the book for the first time. Travelling Light is a beautiful spiritual journey for those in search of their fulfilment, happiness and holiness.

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