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Joan Chittister Favourites Pack

Joan Chittister Favourites Pack

Joan Chittister

Pack containing one copy of each of the following:

Art of Life Monastic Reflections for Every Day

The best of ourselves. That’s what Joan Chittister wants each of us to find and become. Through brief daily reflections, the best selling author looks to great works of art for inspiration, bringing the monastic perspective to the brushstrokes of masters like Van Gogh, Cezanne, Millet, and more. Each art masterpiece - one for each month of the year - is reproduced in full, lustrous colour and is accompanied by Sister Joan’s meditations on life, the soul, and the search for fullness of self in a modern world. This stirring and inspiring collection is full of the wisdom, wit, encouragement, and advice that have made Sister Joan one of the great spiritual writers of our time.

Our Holy Yearnings: Life lessons for Becoming our Truest Selves

This newest treasury of Joan’s wisdom explores how God calls each of us to become fully alive. Here she reflects on the myth of perfection, our need for failure, the power of true humility, reverence for the created world, and the search for God. “When God is the ‘monos,’ the only goal of our lives,” she says, “we are living a ‘monastic’ life, whatever the shape—married, single, or religious—the monastery of my own particular soul-life may be.” This is Joan Chittister at her finest—brilliant, brave, and deeply mindful of the infinite possibilities that exist in each of us.

Sacred In-Between

"Life is not meant to be perfect," says Joan Chittister. "It is meant to be perfectly capable of challenging us to be everything we are meant to be." In The Sacred In-Between, Sister Joan sifts through these challenges and offers us wisdom, hope, and inspiration for living God's love in all the joys, failures, misunderstandings, and questions we encounter each day. Brief, yet extraordinarily powerful, each of these meditations makes us pause, ponder, and pray. Because, as Sister Joan says, "Life is at best an invitation to begin and begin and begin - all over again."

God's Tender Mercy Reflections on Forgiveness

Sister Joan Chittister is a bestselling author for a very good reason. She takes difficult and even mysterious concepts and 'breaks them open' for us. Here she tackles the virture of mercy and its connection to forgiveness. She challenges us to stop judging, accusing, and criticising those we label 'sinners' and to see ourselves in their number. She invites us to be realistic about our own actions before we 'throw that first stone' at another. This is spiritual reading at its very best.


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