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Faith Today Series Pack: Science and Christianity, Ecological Spirituality & Authentic Christian Living

Faith Today Series Pack: Science and Christianity, Ecological Spirituality & Authentic Christian Living

Chris Mulherin & Trish Hindmarsh
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Pack containing 1 copy each of Science and Christianity, Ecological Spirituality and Authentic Christian Living

Science and Christianity

Have you ever gazed into the night sky at the stars? Have you ever asked yourself questions that make you feel small and insignificant in the vastness of space and time? For thousands of years, humans have explored the world around us and been fascinated by the awesome marvels of the universe. We love to ask about how the natural world works.

Inside Science and Christianity, you can embark on a journey of exploration into some of the most significant questions we can ask ourselves. Some of these are scientific questions about the wonders of the physical universe we find ourselves in. Other issues are philosophical and religious: they are concerned with the meaning and purpose of life on this dust-speck planet called Earth, which floats through an unimaginably vast cosmos

While Christianity and science have mostly been friends for a long, long time, the prospect of conflict has a long history, too. This book is about two of the most powerful cultural forces in the Western world, and the relationship between them.

Ecological Spirituality

What are the links between spirituality and the evolution of the cosmos during the past almost 15 billion years? How does a sense of the sacred inspire and influence our relationship with the natural world?  How can a spiritual life guide us in responding to the ecological crisis we face now as humans? In some religious contexts aspiring to be ‘green’ is associated with secularism and left-leaning politics. Not for medieval saints Francis of Assisi and Hildegard of Bingen!

Ecological Spirituality – Caring for our Common Home sets out to show that love of the Creator, love for each other and love of our Earth are three facets of the same diamond. There is a great gift of tenderness and love in finding the sacred in all things, the imprint of God’s love. We can discover those gifts if we live contemplatively, opening our bodies and souls to the variety and abundant beauty of creation.

Trish Hindmarsh explores what it means to be ‘spiritual’ and discusses the opportunities to discern what decisions and actions are needed right now to live out an ecological spirituality, responding wholeheartedly to this most serious ‘sign of our times’, and dreaming a better future for our children.

Ecological Spirituality is designed to provide a stimulus for individuals, groups, parishes, seminaries, ministries and schools, and all who are concerned about the environment. There are guiding questions for discussion at the end of each chapter. Many people from all walks of life want to respond to the call from deep within to ‘Care for our Common Home’. This is Pope Francis’ phrase and the sub-title of his encyclical Laudato Si, which is a major resource for this work.

Authentic Christian Living

What does it really mean to think and live as a Christian in the modern world? For some, Christianity and modern values seem utterly incompatible; the only option available to faithful Christians is a radical rejection of an increasingly sinful world.

For others, Christianity will only survive when it “gets with the program” and adapts itself to a rapidly changing and advancing (post)modernity. But what if there is a middle way?

This book is written in the conviction that Christianity can both thrive within a modern setting and, at the same time, offer something of extraordinary value to modernity, something it cannot provide for itself. This can best be called a sacramental imagination.

In this book, we lay open the inner workings of a sacramental imagination: what it is, how we nearly lost it, and why its recovery is essential. If we are to live authentically as Christians in the modern world, we must rediscover this distinctive and challenging way of imagining and living. 


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