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*Saints for Sacraments Collection - Saints and Me! Series

*Saints for Sacraments Collection - Saints and Me! Series

Barbara Yoffie & Jeff Albrecht
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Saints are real-life heroes of faith who inspire us by their virtues to become more like Christ. In the Saints and Me! series, these beautifully illustrated early-reader books tell the real stories of saints that come to life and connect with today's children aged 4 to 9. 

  • The everyday lives of the saints and their holy ways are engagingly introduced for curious young children. The saint's story is filled with details to which young children can relate.

  • Lively, full-color illustrations on every page match the text, aiding emerging readers with the text and story sequence.

  • Each book is biographical, and includes the saint's feast day and other details about the saint.

 The Saints for Sacraments Collection includes a book about saints for each of the seven sacraments: John the Baptist (for baptism), Padre Pio (for reconciliation), Teresa of Ávila (for the Eucharist), Philip Neri (for confirmation), Louis and Zélie Martin (for matrimony), John Vianney (for holy orders), and Maximilian Kolbe (for anointing of the sick).

Each story brings the saint and the sacrament to life. A picture of all seven sacraments is included in each saint book

Also included in this collection is the companion Saints for Sacraments Activity Book offering word searches with words from the stories, mazes of places depicted in the stories, a prayer card for each saint to color and lists of items found at the sacrament.

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