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Discover how Garratt Publishing can simply and easily help you establish your very own online Parish bookstore.

This is a great way to connect your Parish community those both in, and out of the pews with the finest in Catholic and Christian books to stir their souls.

Consider promoting these books as a further initiative in creating missionary disciple, and aiding parishioners to explore the meaning of their faith, and actively promote their ongoing spiritual journey.

For every purchase parishioners make through Your Parish Bookstore, your Parish will receive a commission. With Parish fundraising always a concern, this is a simple way to create new revenue streams to further support your mission and community programs.

Establishing Your Parish Bookstore has never been easier.

Working with Garratt Publishing will allow a Parish to earn 15% commission on every sale through Your Parish Bookstore.

All you need to do is create a new page on your Parish website we’ll provide you with a small piece of web code which you simply copy and paste into that page.

Your Parish Bookstore will then display some of the world’s best Catholic and Christian books. A world of infinite possibilities will become available to parishioners so they can explore the mysteries around us, deepen their faith, and further their spiritual journeys.

Garratt Publishing will fulfil all orders, process all payments securely, and provide regular commissions straight into your nominated Parish account.

Remind your community regularly that Your Parish Bookstore exists by referencing it in your newsletters, and including links to Your Parish Bookstore in your e-mails, Facebook and social media accounts.

Let parishioners know that the Parish benefits financially if they buy through Your Parish Bookstore. If they are avid readers of faith-based resources, why not buy through Your Parish Bookstore instead of Amazon, or other online retailers?

Your Parish Bookstore makes it even easier for small parish groups to regularly purchase reading materials for use in adult faith formation or RCIA activities.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one!

There are no set-up fees and no monthly charges.

Commissions will be paid into your nominated account once the balance of the commissions earned exceed $100.00. So, the frequency of payments will be determined by the level of sales made by your community through Your Parish Bookstore.

No advanced online or website management skills are necessary. Our helpful staff will aid you to set up your store quickly, and without fuss. In fact, you can have Your Parish Bookstore up and running in a matter of minutes.

Contact us to get started TODAY.

The Fine Print: Some Frequently Asked Questions… answered

Tell me more about the commissions a Parish can earn?

Every time a sale is made through Your Parish Bookstore, Garratt Publishing will pay a commission to the Parish. A 15% commission will be payable on the amount a parishioner spends (excluding the amount charged for freight).

For example, an order totalling $60.00 is placed through Your Parish Bookstore. This order consists of goods to the value of $50.00, with a postage and handling charge of $10.00. This sale will earn a Parish $7.50 in commission.

The more sales through Your Parish Bookstore, the more funds the Parish receives – for very little effort.

Sales must be made through the Your Parish Bookstore link on your Parish website to earn commissions. Orders placed by phone, email or through the Garratt Publishing website directly, will not contribute to the commissions earned by the Parish.

How can a Parish earn more commission?

Letting parishioners know the Parish financially benefits when they purchase their religious books through Your Parish Bookstore, will help generate visits to your online store.

Every reminder – and subtle encouragement – the Parish leadership can make, will also help.

But we in the Parish aren’t technically savvy…

You don’t need to be.

Once a ‘blank’ page on your Parish’s website is created – your site administrator will know how to do this – Garratt Publishing will provide a unique HTML code which your website administrator simply needs to cut and paste into your newly created web page.

This will immediately activate Your Parish Bookstore and it will appear on the page.

What about parishioner’s privacy and security?

In order to process orders, Garratt Publishing requires certain information from parishioners when using an online store. This includes their names, address and credit card details. Parishioner’s details will never be given or sold to a third party by Garratt Publishing.

For more information about our Privacy Policy click here.

Is the Parish leadership team privy to which parishioner buys what?

No. That would breach Garratt Publishing’s commitments to customers and their privacy.

However, the Parish leadership team will be provided with regular reports on the number of transactions and total sales made through Your Parish Bookstore. This will allow the Parish account’s team to calculate and crosscheck commission payments.

When will commission payments be made?

Commission payments will generally be made quarterly. These will be deposited directly into your Parish bank account. We will need your bank account details to enable the transfer of funds.

Commission payments will only be made when total commissions reach $100.00. If, during a quarter, a Parish commission does not total $100.00, then the commission payment will be made in the quarter when this threshold is reached.

Where do we sign up?

Contact Garratt Publishing on 1300 650 978 or email sales@garrattpublishing.com.au.

We will liaise with your Parish website administrator and will work with them to get Your Parish Bookstore up and running.

There are no set-up or administration fees. There is virtually no work required from Parish administration staff in running the site. We will make the set-up as simple as possible.

Similarly, through Your Parish Bookstore, parishioners will have a simple online ordering process to enable them to access some of the world’s best Catholic and Christian writers.

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