Garratt Publishing Lent Calendar 2023

Each year we create a Lent calendar filled with beautiful images and inspirational spiritual quotes curated from a selection of our Lent titles.

This year, Garratt Publishing’s Lent Calendar is exploring the places where Jesus did his ministry. As there are more miracles and teachings than there are days in Lent, we have focussed on select events in Jesus’ life as told in Matthew’s Gospel – the Gospel of the lectionary this year. While there is still debate over where many of the events in Jesus’ life occurred, the locations shown are generally accepted by scholars as being the most likely place for the selected event, based on descriptions in the Gospel and archaeological finds. The images selected show what the landscape looks like today, and in some cases, what it may have been like in Jesus’ time. The event and the Gospel text relating to the event have been provided, along with a brief reflection selected from one of our popular Lenten titles.

We hope this calendar will enrich your Lenten Journey.

Click here to download Garratt Publishing's Lent Calendar. Please note, this is a large file and may take a little longer to download on some computers.

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