The Infancy Narratives Seminar is ideal for teachers and those seeking faith development opportunities. It was held across 2 x 90-minute sessions, and presented by Mary Coloe and Chris Monaghan from the Yarra Theological Union, a College of the University of Divinity.  


SESSION ONE: November 26 
The Infancy Narrative of the Gospel of Matthew – Assoc Prof Mary Coloe PBVM


• Introduces two different infancy narratives and their purpose.

• Gospel of Matthew – Strong Jewish context.
• The Genealogy – Son of Abraham, Son of David. The four women preparing for Mary.
• Matthew focuses on Joseph – the dreamer, who protect his household – like Joseph in Genesis.
• The Virgin Birth – Catholic and Protestant views.
• Ancient prophecies fulfilled – the Magi, the Star, the gifts, Herod’s seeking the child.
• The five Scripture quotations.

Infancy Narrative of Matthew MC from on Vimeo.


SESSION TWO: December 3
The Infancy Narrative of the Gospel of Luke – Revd Dr Chris Monaghan CP


• The Lukan infancy narrative as an overture to the major themes of Luke. 

• An examination of the sources, structure, theology, and message of the two infancy narratives. 
• Provision of background materials into Biblical Annunciations of birth in the Old Testament. 
• The Lukan Canticles (Benedictus, Magnificant, Song of Simeon)

Infancy narratives 2 YTU - Garratt from on Vimeo.



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