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On 2 October 2023, Australasian Catholic Coalition for Church Reform, Rainbow Catholics InterAgency for Ministry, Garratt Publishing, Yarra Theological Union, and Catholic Religious Australia presented

How did we get here: LGBTIQA+ and the Church?

Catholics overwhelmingly now support the inclusion of LGBTIQA+ people in all areas of church activity. It has been a long drawn out evolution; too many of our siblings have suffered greatly in the process. It is still far from over as the official institutional and doctrinal authorities continue to drag their feet in the face of all empirical reality.

James Alison is a Catholic theologian, priest and author. He is known for his firm, but patient, insistence on truthfulness in matters gay as an ordinary part of basic Christianity, and for his pastoral outreach in the same sphere.

James reflected on how many parts of secular society have accepted non-heterosexual behaviour over the past 150 years in contrast with the Church’s public response.

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below. 


James Alison 
James is a Catholic theologian, priest and author. His principal claim to fame is as one of those who has done most to bring the work of the great French thinker René Girard to a wider public. View his full biography here.



Angela Han
Angela currently serves as the leader of Acceptance Perth, where she plays a pivotal role in creating safe spaces for dialogue, support, and spiritual growth for LGBTIQA+ Catholics.



Benjamin Ho
Benjamin is the founder and Co-Chair of Rainbow Catholics InterAgency Australia (the umbrella body for Catholic LGBTIQA+ Ministries in Australia), he was the founding secretary of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics.




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