Journalling – the path to peace

A friend once told me, ‘Sometimes I don’t know what I am thinking until I say it.’ We both laughed, but I understood. The truth is, for me, sometimes I don’t know what I am thinking about a particular subject until I write the words down. It’s as if there is a magical process that happens between the subconscious and the act of writing itself.

Over the years, I have come to view the keyboard as a ‘work’ tool rather than a ‘creative’ one. Sitting down to write at a keyboard, and actually picking up a writing tool and writing on paper, are quite different acts of intention.

The physical act of putting pen (or pencil — the Pilot 0.5 cartridge pencil is my favourite) to paper induces a peaceful state for me. My shoulders relax, I don’t try and edit my text as I write, but let the words fall as they may. Sometimes a doodle creeps into the margins of the page. In challenging times — such as those we are facing now — I find that morning journalling is a great way to start the day. Sometimes I write with intent, but mostly I let the pencil rest on the page and let my thoughts tumble out and follow their own path. This helps centre me for the day ahead.

Each of us comes to journalling in our own unique way. Some people may wish to make a daily recording of these unique times that we find ourselves in. Others may use it as a private place to express hopes and fears for the future, or a space to vent feelings of frustration or anger. It could be the place where spiritual questions and ideas are explored, and blessings are counted. There are no rules.

Why not make journalling a part of your daily mental and spiritual health regime?

To help get you started, we have selected these wonderful journals.

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Karen Tayleur
Publishing Director 

See with the Eyes of the Heart, Journal, is the companion book to Chris' popular, See with the Eyes of the Heart. This journal is your space to record your thoughts and gratitude for your own everyday life moments.
Included are simple – but perceptive – words and images by Fr Chris to help your journalling.


CALL ME BLESSED, Scripture and Prayer Journal
Every day of this four-week study provides Scripture to get you started, an excerpt from Mulieris Dignitatem (On the Dignity and Vocation of Women), and notes for further Bible reading. There are thoughtfully-crafted, generous pages for writing and art journaling.



ALL SHALL BE WELL: A Spiritual Journal for Hope & Encouragements
Featuring inspiring words from some of the most beloved Christian Mystics in history along with uplifting images, and writing prompts and exercises, this little books encourages reflection, revelation, and creativity.









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