We are Open for Business… and Bulk Buying is accepted!

Dear Friends of Garratt,

Firstly, I do hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well.

As COVID-19 reshapes our world, and we all self-isolate, maintain a ‘social distance’ and focus on venturing out only for ‘essentials’, I share with many of you an uneasy sense of uncertainty and anxiety about the terrible tolls we may face in the days, weeks and months ahead.

You will be perhaps not surprised that I see books as ‘essential goods’. Even in ‘normal times’, regardless of the news cycle dominating the airwaves at any given moment, I can always count on a good book to offer a welcome escape, a deeper insight into life, a laugh, a vision of a better world, or simply just comfort. 

I gratefully appreciate you allowing me to write to you again updating you with changes in how we can enable you to continue in your ministries, your life of service, your teaching and faith formation, or your own spiritual journey.

We continue to trade… and bulk buying is accepted!

  • Our own small store in Mulgrave is closed to the public for the health and safety of our team and customers. 
  • We continue to engage and supply local bookstores. They will be feeling ‘the pinch’ as trade decreases. I implore you to continue to BUY LOCAL!  Please support them (and us) with your book purchasing where and if you can.  Your ongoing support is much needed in these trying times.
  • The majority of our team are now working from home. Accordingly, calls are forwarded to staff off-site. We expect there to be little interruption to our phone support, but should you experience any, please leave a message and we will get back to you as swiftly as we can. Alternatively, contact us at sales@garrattpublishing.com.au
  • Our warehouse hours have been reduced, and will, most likely, now operate on Tuesday and Friday. Please advise us at the time of order if you have any special delivery requirements.
  • We have had no formal notification from Australia Post that delivery schedules are impacted. However, increased online shopping has seen parcel deliveries skyrocket, which may well increase delivery times.
  • A number of overseas publishers have reduced hours or are in forced locked downs. Along with reduced flights, air shipments are at a premium. It is likely that our regular overseas shipments will be impacted as we move forward.
  • Our warehouse is well stocked, and I do hope that the recent panic buying we have seen for daily essentials extends to a few books!

I also encourage you to follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GarrattPublishingAus where we hope to help you navigate these troubled times.

Already this week we have:

  • Provided free tips to teachers to assist them as they move to online and distance learning from Professor Richard Rymarz. We hope these will offer some insights into how faith formation can still be undertaken in the world of remote classrooms. More can be found here. 
  • Enabled theology students and their educators to access a range of e-books and digital textbooks to enable faith formation continues as seamlessly as possible. For more information, contact us.
  • Offered a Holy Week at Home downloadable resource for individual and family prayer given any public celebration of liturgy is not possible. Get a copy here.
  • Offered reflections and prayers from some of our favourite Australian authors. Ann Rennie, offers a reflection on the best of the human condition, kindness and courage here. 
  • Father Rob Galea gave advice to our young people on how they can find a way through the current adversities, View his video here.

With Holy Week upon us, be sure to like us on Facebook and check in daily for more. More reflections and thoughts from authors will be shared this week, the holiest of weeks.

Finally, outside of the Coronavirus news cycle, I am sure that many of you who saw the recent ABC's Revelation program into the abuses of the Catholic Church are as distressed and appalled as we are at Garratt Publishing. Sarah Ferguson’s investigations skilfully draw out the baseless, unforgivable and cowardly complicity of a hierarchy who hurt children and left them to suffer. It is, and has been, devastating viewing.

We have a proud history of producing books that call the Catholic Church to account, and most recently have continued that tradition with two of our newest releases, Virgins and Jezebels and Getting Back on Mission. It is time for informed change in our Church. And it can be made. If you have already read these, I encourage you to order copies for friends, pastors and others so all the ‘people of God’ can be informed.

I’ll continue to update you as our trading arrangements continue to develop.

I wish you the best of health. 
David Hughan
Garratt Publishing


VIRGINS & JEZEBELS: The Origins of Christian Misogyny

GETTING BACK ON MISSION: Reforming Our Church Together

TRAPPED IN A CLOSED WORLD: Catholic Culture and Sexual Abuse

POTIPHAR'S WIFE: The Vatican's Secret and Child Sexual Abuse


CLERICALISM: The Death of Priesthood

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