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Sacred Objects & Symbols - Becoming Catholic

Sacred Objects & Symbols - Becoming Catholic

Kathy Horan
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The Becoming Catholic series by Kathy Horan has become an essential and trusted resource for parents, educators, and students as they seek understanding of our faith, its rituals, and evolving tradition. Sacred Objects and Symbols is the latest addition to this series, providing a comprehensive overview of the sacramental building blocks of the Catholic Faith.

Sacred Objects and Symbols explores the symbols and church objects used in celebration of the Mass and in prayer. It provides an overview of the sacramental rituals of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation aimed at sacramental preparation for students, while journalling pages invite readers to reflect and develop an understanding of their faith journey.

Special features include:
·Easy-to-follow photographs of real sacred church objects and rituals.
·Fun and lively illustrations depicting symbols and age-appropriate explanations.
·Question and Answer text boxes reflecting students’ most common queries.
·Relevant and important information linking rituals, sacred symbols, and liturgy to sacramental preparation.

Teachers will find Sacred Objects and Symbols an invaluable resource.

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