Meditation – helping young people through this challenging time

Meditation is likely to help reduce stress and anxiety that children may have as a result of the pandemic, and the changes to their world.

Below are carefully selected resources to suit young people of all ages and are designed to help them navigate through these disquieting times – regardless of where they are, at home or at school.

SHHH... GOD IS IN THE SILENCE: A Story for all Ages
In these uncertain times – more than ever – children need to create the space to listen to the voice of God gently guiding us and speaking to us. Shhh...God Is in the Silence helps children create this space.
Through the gentle repetition of simple, yet profound truths, children will realise that silence, in itself, is a form of prayer — enabling them to listen to God in their hearts.
Perfect for those looking for an affirming resource to show children that we are all loved by God.

This is a lovely book for the small and big child within all of us. As Sr Anthony says, meditation is one of the things one has to do not just talk about. Maybe that’s why it offers so much. It’s where we observe our minds and senses at work, which just increases the wonder This little book of exercises states the bleeding obvious about kids’ involvement which is why it is such a gem.
Geraldine Doogue – Australian journalist and broadcaster

Book and CD

Guided Meditations for Catholic Kids encourages students to reflect on important relationships with Jesus, family, friends, and their communities, to consider various emotions they experience every day.

To enhance the meditation experience, is a CD of music with a assortment of melodies and rhythms that support the various themes.

Book and CD

Engage young people in powerful meditations and help them discover the richness of prayer.

The complementing CD with music by John Dawson – one of Canada's foremost liturgical composers – enables deeper meditation, and leads to the discovery of the grace that daily reflection offers.

A Resource for Teachers and Parents

Meditation with Children is a helpful guide to Christian meditation for children. It encourages adults to experience meditation for themselves and equips them with the tools to introduce the practice to children.


Children will love to listen to these meditations because they love stories, and because they are personally invited by Jesus to come, sit beside him, and listen to his story.

Guided Meditations for Children shares a simple process that teaches children how to pray through meditation on the Scriptures. 


Here is a story that will not only intrigue young readers, but it will show them the value of relaxation and meditation. It also offers them ways to begin to practise these skills themselves.


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