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Dear Garratt Publishing Friends, Readers, Customers, Collaborators and Partners,

As we together experience the disruption of our lives and the uncertainty of these past days, we find strength in the Gospel message of hope and in the solidarity that our Christian community offers. As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, our number one priority right now—as always—is the health, safety and support of our employees, customers and partners in mission.

Since updating you last week, the world is changing even more rapidly. I do wish to continue to update you where relevant, and indeed there are some changes to our response to the crisis all Australia faces.

  • Please note that we are closing our bookroom/store to the general public as at Friday 27 March. I would encourage any customers who have chosen to pick up their purchases to do so, by appointment. Please contact our team to make an appointment on 1300 650 878. If we are able, and in exceptional circumstances, we are prepared to deliver orders free of charge, if you are within a reasonable distance to our offices and have chosen to self-isolate for your own health.
  • I noted last week that stock supply was not affected. Sadly, some US, UK and Irish suppliers are now in lock down. This means that their warehouses are unable to ship select titles through to mid-April (at this stage). I do implore you to place on order any resources or books that you believe will aid you in the trying weeks and months to come. We do have a range of different arrangements across numerous suppliers, and many titles are printed locally, rather than shipped halfway across the world… in our effort to care for our common home! Our team always reviews any order placed and will advise you of any difficulty with delivery.
  • More of our team are working from home, including me – in the hope that if more of us remain in self-isolation we can get through this sooner. Our warehouse remains open, but may not ship orders every day.
If you have not already connected with us, simply visit www.facebook.com/GarrattPublishingAus/ and 'Like' our page to keep updated.

I wrote to some of you earlier in the week noting that never in a million years could I have imagined that I would be prohibited from celebrating the Eucharist – and especially so throughout the holiest time of the year. I am sure I am not alone.

We must now connect with our faith in new, enriching, ways. This may include setting aside more time for prayerful reflection.

We have curated a range of titles we believe will aid your personal reflection and prayer in the challenging weeks ahead. 

Our 2020 Lenten Program – light from within – by Sister Maeve Louise VDMF, in particular invites us to journey inward with all our hearts to discover how a loving God is sustaining, purifying and loving in and through us. This is accompanied by Maeve Louise’s music. (And should you have some time, explore some highlights from when we welcomed guests and Maeve to our bookroom in February here.)

These resources will be beneficial to individuals, pastors, parishioners, teachers and students in differing ways, and help bring us closer to the Holy Spirit.

I take comfort in the knowledge that we are already – always – united to one another in the Holy Spirit. This means that though we may not be able to go about interacting with one another, seeing each other in person, or sharing in real time the ordinary and extraordinary events of our lives, we are still bound to one another and connected to each other by God's grace.  

I hope you find comfort in this as well.

We do need your ongoing support and business to continue our mission, and as always, our whole team appreciates your ongoing support and loyalty.

Stay safe and well, and blessings to you all.

David Hughan

Chief Executive Officer


Continue your Lenten your with light from within, featuring extended Holy Week and Easter reflections with supporting music from Maeve Louise Heaney.

Ideal resource to use at home.

Sacred Space Value Pack
Sacred Space for Lent 2020
Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2020

Together, these popular and trusted books from the Irish Jesuits, are an excellent way for you to stay connected to your faith during these exceptional times.

Buy now and take advantage of our special value pack offer.

Daily Prayer 2020

Daily Prayer 2020
Daily Prayer 2020 is perfect to continue your practice of prayer within the home. It's easy to use, and centres on a scripture reading each day, along with a reflection, a psalm, intercessions, and closing prayer. 

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