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Light from Within: Garratt Lenten Program Year A Book & CD pack

Light from Within: Garratt Lenten Program Year A Book & CD pack

Maeve Louise Heaney

Pack containing one copy each of Light from Within: Garratt Lenten Program Book and 1 Light from Within CD

Light from Within

An invitation to open the doors to the light from within.

In this year’s Lenten Program, Light from Within, Maeve Louise Heaney invites us on a journey to explore the light from within in recognition that the foundations of our growth in faith depend on the quality of our inner life of faith. She invites us to journey inward with all our hearts to discover how a loving God is sustaining, purifying and loving in and through us.

Light from Within CD

Maeve uses her love for music and her faith to create moving songs that touch the soul. From the sombre opening chords of Track 1: Nameless to the overlapping harmonies of Track 4: Dancing in Our Minds, there is a haunting quality to Maeve’s work which will stay with you long after the last notes disappear into silence.

Sister Maeve Louise VDMF is the Director of the Xavier Centre for Theological Formation at the Australian Catholic University, Brisbane. She is also an accomplished singer and composer. Light from Within includes four original songs to help readers explore the themes of the Sunday readings.

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