The Threshold Bible Study is a thematic Scripture study program, designed for both personal study and group discussion. The characters, places, and images that you will encounter in each of these topical studies will help you explore new dimensions of your faith and discover deeper insights for your spiritual life.

► Each study is presented in a workbook format, designed for reading, reflecting, writing, discussing, and praying. The thirty lessons in each study may be used by an individual for daily study over the period of a month, or they may be divided into six lessons per week, providing a group study of six weekly sessions.

The commentary that follows each biblical passage launches your reflection about that passage and helps you begin to see the significance of the passage in the context of your contemporary experience.

The questions following the commentary challenge you to understand the passage more clearly and apply it to your own life.

The prayer starter helps you conclude your study by integrating your learning into your relationship with God.

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