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Jesus Before Christianity: 35th Anniversary Edition

Jesus Before Christianity: 35th Anniversary Edition

Albert Nolan
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The bestselling classic with over 150,000 copies sold with a New Introduction by Sister Helen Prejean

Nolan’s portrait of Jesus introduces us to the man as he was before he became enshrined in doctrine, dogma, and ritual, a man deeply involved with the real problems of his time—which are the real problems of our time as well. As the author says, “Nothing about Jesus will be presupposed or assumed. . . . My interest is in the man as he was before he became the object of Christian faith.

“This book, with its telling title, is the most compelling book about Jesus that I have ever read.”—Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking

“The most accurate and balanced short reconstruction of the life of the historical Jesus.”—Harvey Cox, author, A New Heaven: Death, Human Destiny, and the Kingdom of God

Albert Nolan, OP, is a South African Dominican priest and theologian who played an important role in the church struggle against apartheid. His other books include Jesus Today: A Spirituality of Radical Freedom and Hope in an Age of Despair.


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