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Mindful Meditations and Thoughts for Every Day

Mindful Meditations and Thoughts for Every Day

Sr Stanislaus Kennedy
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I hope this little book will bring you a greater understanding of how you have been blessed and will sow new seeds of love, hope and gratitude in your heart.

In this book I have drawn on various translations of scripture and I suggest you use whatever translation of the bible that appeals to you.

I suggest that each month you read the scripture for the month, memorise the quotations if you can, and allow them to sink into your mind and heart.
Then each day carve out ten minutes for reading, meditation and prayer. Start by quietening yourself in the presence of God. Read the part of the scripture that appeals to you. Listen to it with your heart, notice what phrase or what word stands out for you. Repeat, reflect and relish the words or phrases. Let them resound in your heart with an attitude of quiet receptivity. Be attentive to how they speak to your heart.

Respond spontaneously as you continue to listen to the phrase or the word, a prayer of praise or thanksgiving or petition may arise. Rest in the word, rest in God, simply be with Gods presence as you open yourself to a deeper hearing.

Next read the thought for the day. These thoughts are only meant to prompt your reflections. Notice what emerges and write down your own thought for the day. It may help you to keep a journal of these thoughts and reflections as a way of looking back at the end of the day, the week, the month or the year, learning what God is saying to you.


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