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God of Mercy, The God of the Gospels

God of Mercy, The God of the Gospels

Peter McVerry

To celebrate 2016 being declared the Extraordinary Year of Mercy by the Vatican, Peter McVerry - a tireless campaigner for the rights of homeless people - has written an incisive and impassioned exploration of mercy as presented in the four Gospels.

By examining the qualities of forgiveness, empathy and forbearance, as embodied by Jesus Christ, The God of Mercy highlights how the God of the New Testament calls on Christians everywhere to act with an unerring sense of compassion to those around them.

Far from being a God who punishes or excludes those who fail to uphold Church ‘law’, the God of Mercy rewards those who oppose hypocrisy, and reach out wholeheratedly to the marginalised and dispossessed.


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