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Mindfulness Workout: A Guide to Mental Fitness for Teenagers and the Adults in their Lives

Mindfulness Workout: A Guide to Mental Fitness for Teenagers and the Adults in their Lives

Iseult White

The Mindfulness Workout is a practical and fun guide to building emotional and mental fitness through the practice of mindfulness, meditation and self-care. This conversational, information-packed book will help teenagers to manage their emotions, escape negative loops of self-criticism, build on their strengths and learn to like themselves no matter what pressures they face.

Psychotherapist Iseult White demystifies mindfulness through integrating the latest neuroscience research with easy-to-learn mindfulness practices. The book includes specific exercises for coping with exam anxiety, social media, relationship stress, social anxiety, and peer pressure, and provides case studies that show how teenagers have successfully adopted these practices in real life.

It is an ideal resource for teachers, mental health practitioners and anyone in the helping professions who works with teenagers, but is written in a clear, user-friendly format that will engage teenagers who are interested in learning how to navigate the inevitable stresses of adolescence.

This book is essential reading for any adult concerned with the well-being of teenagers. Teenagers already get the importance of physical fitness but The Mindfulness Workout explains the importance of emotional and mental fitness and shows how to build it into daily life.
--Richard Sadlier, psychotherapist and football analyst

Iseult White’s book offers invaluable knowledge and guidance centred on nurturing the mental fitness of teenagers in their most vulnerable and formative years. At the heart of this book is insightful and seasoned guidance to our young people on how to gain the self-assurance and inner peace to thrive in a fast-paced world, and to create a sense of self that remains unshakeable against the twists and turns of their external worlds. This book is full of extremely valuable observations and reflections on teenagers and young adults, and on the importance of keeping dialogue open about emotional connections through difficult moments in their lives. We all want to be respected and understood and this book speaks to young adults about their unique place in the world.
--Krystian Fikert, CEO, My Mind


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