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Celebrating You for Primary Graduates

Celebrating You for Primary Graduates

Juliette Hughes-Norwood

Completing primary school and commencing secondary college is an important milestone in every child's life. It is a time full of mixed emotions; excitement, anticipation, uncertainty and even some sadness. Celebrating You cleverly explains that graduating, is, in reality like opening and closing 'doors': the passing through the primary school door, and the 'good-bye door' allows students to open the new door of secondary school and the path to the rest of their lives.

Underpinning the finality of primary school, Celebrating You cleverly touches the child’s need for 'connectedness' and illustrates that, despite the changes, the child remains steadfastly connected to God, the Church, family and friends. The final message in this wonderful book is a warm message of pride and optimism from the primary school and teachers. "You leave with our blessing!" 


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