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walk4one - Paving a Path to Unity

walk4one - Paving a Path to Unity


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Lace up your boots and hold onto your hat! From the moment you open the cover, you will find yourself in a place few of us have ever been. On 'one given Sunday', a young Tasmanian pledged himself to a mission: Samuel Clear would walk around the world-yes, the world-in an effort to urge and inspire all Christians to unite. That they may all be one. He didn't think it would be easy; but he had no idea how hard it was going to be... Between the snakes and pumas and scorpions and wild dogs, between the gun-toting maniacs and knife-wielding thieves and racist homicidal drivers, between the thirst and pain and electric shocks and hospitalizations, between terrorist interrogations and KGB shakedowns ... Sam finds the beauty and the love and the generosity of spirit in the ordinary people of the world-and discovers that unity means much more than just a name on a parish sign post. Walk with him, and share the journey.


"Samuel Clear has walked a long way in the right direction. In a brutally fragmented world, he has been a pilgrim of unity, and here is his remarkable story. It is really the story of the human heart in search of the unity in which we find rest. It is also a story of God. To read this book is to set foot upon the same pilgrim path."
The Most Reverend Mark Coleridge
Archbishop of Brisbane

"Theologians often refer to Divine Pedagogy as the ‘whispers of God’. The purpose and power of a pilgrimage experience is to create space in our hearts for God’s whispers to be heard. Sam Clear’s epic walk around the globe is a stark and moving reminder of the presence of our loving God in every human heart, no matter their race, their culture or their creed."
Dr Dan White
Executive Director, Catholic Education Office, Sydney

"Sam Clear’s unique journey - walking around the world for Christian unity - is hugely inspiring for its sheer audacity, intrepid spirit, and indomitable fortitude. His stories are captivating and he has an intriguing way of interpreting his adventures with a faith-filled perspective. It will be particularly helpful to those who are on a spiritual search for "something more" in life, and an encouragement not to limit their dream of all that God can provide."
Fr Ken Barker
Moderator of the Missionaries of God’s Love, Founder of the Men of God Movement


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