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Canon Law in Action

Canon Law in Action

Brendon Daly
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How can clerics fulfil better their ministry in response to the call they received, the call to proclaim the Gospel, and to proclaim it to today's culture?

As a canonical study, a pastoral handbook, or a spiritual guide for priests in ministry - all dimensions of a cleric's life are beautifully interwoven here.

Including chapters on:
The Promise of Obedience of Diocesan Priests: What Does it Mean?
The Obligations of Continence and Celibacy for Priests
“Refusing Sacraments”: Another Name for Driving People Away from the Church
Sexual Abuse and Canon Law
Abortion and Its Consequences in Canon Law.

‘…This handy and accessible volume will provide not only a legal reference, but also a pastoral approach to many delicate situations that priests may meet in the exercise of their ministry. This is an engaging and practical read.’
Msgr Peter Jeffrey – Priest of Sandhurst (Australia) and Rector of Holy Cross Seminary (New Zealand)

‘Monsignor Brendan Daly has privileged us by writing this book. It reflects his profound knowledge of canon law and its application from many years of experience. The subject matters addressed will be of interest to canon lawyers. Also, it will be a source of valuable information to priests, religious, seminarians, and anyone who has an interest in canon law. I highly recommend this book and consider it should be in all libraries of canon law faculties and seminaries.’
Msgr David Price PA, Judicial Vicar/New Zealand

'Monsignor Brendan is a priest of this diocese, and has held appointments of national significance for the Roman Catholic Church in New Zealand for many years. I commend this volume to priests and lay faithful who wish to gain access to the wisdom of the church, built up over her long experience of human nature and proclaiming the gospel.'
Barry Jones, Bishop of Christchurch


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