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Divine Renovation Pack of 5 Books

Divine Renovation Pack of 5 Books

Fr James Mallon, Fr Simon Lobo & Ron Huntley
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Pack containing 1 copy each of the four books in the Divine Renovation Series:

Divine Renovation:

Highly acclaimed for his work with parish renewal and the New Evangelization, Fr. James Mallon shares with us the many ways for bringing our parishes to life. Through humorous and colourful stories, Mallon challenges us to rethink our models of parish life, from membership-based communities to assemblies of disciples of Jesus who proclaim and share the good news with all peoples. Accessible and engaging, Divine Renovation turns to the Church’s many writings on evangelization and mission so as to articulate practical ways for injecting new life into our parishes. Pastors and parish ministers will be inspired by this book and turn to it for many years to come.

Divine Renovation Guidebook:

This companion volume provides the tools parishes need to succeed with this mission. This step-by-step guidebook for transforming your parish is packed full of information, ideas and examples, and it s doable. It contains many charts and graphics where you can put pen to paper and work out your own goals and vision. With energy, encouragement, humor and deeply rooted faith, Fr. Mallon leads parish ministry leaders through the steps they need to take to effectively bring people to Jesus and his Church.

Divine Renovation Apprentice:

In Divine Renovation Apprentice, Fr. Simon Lobo breaks open his experience as an associate pastor working on the renewal of St. Benedict Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the birthplace of Divine Renovation. With honesty, humility, and great clarity, Fr. Simon offers his personal reflections on the actual process of renovation with practical wisdom critical to anyone who wants to see their parish experience new life. More than simply a biographical account of the change at St. Benedict, this book contains insights on how to Change Culture, Build a Game Plan, and Develop Leaders for lasting parish change.

Unlocking Your Parish

What can a good meal, an engaging movie, and casual conversation accomplish in a parish? Through Alpha, it can cause people to encounter God’s love in a radical way. Alpha offers every participant the opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a non-judgmental and non-threatening way, while providing a basic introduction to Jesus, his message of salvation, and Christianity. Discover how Alpha can be used to help your parish become a vibrant, mission-focused community.

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