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Blessed Margaret of Castello Tiny Saints

Blessed Margaret of Castello Tiny Saints


These 'tiny saints' are wonderful reminders of those who have gone before us, who have persevered in living Gospel values.

Wear one on a jacket zipper. Clip one on a backpack or purse.

Each Tiny Saints has a short biographical sketch on the back of its packaging.

Biographical information on the back of the package:

Little Margaret was born with dwarfism, blindness and a hunchback. Hidden away by her parents, she was locked in a door-less room attached to a church. She was alone, but befriended a priest and grew close to God. After a decade of isolation, Margaret’s parents abandoned her in the streets. She was taken in by the poor and soon became a Dominican sister. Margaret cared for the sick and taught children while their parents worked. A light to all who knew her (and to those who know of her), Margaret proved that God has a plan for every single one of us.

Patron saint of:

day care workers


the poor

the unwanted


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