Vale Daniel O’Leary

Vale Daniel O’Leary

It is with great sadness that the team at Garratt Publishing learnt that beloved Irish priest, author and speaker, Fr Daniel O’Leary passed away on 21 January 2019 aged 82.

Many friends of Garratt Publishing will be familiar with Daniel and his works. For those who may not know this ‘poet of God’, we would encourage you to discover some of the legacies and gifts Daniel leaves us with through his writings.

Fr Daniel (Donal) O’Leary was born in 1937 in County Kerry, Ireland, studied for the priesthood at All Hallows’ College, Dublin and was ordained there for the Leeds Diocese in 1960., For nearly twenty years he taught theology and religious studies at St Mary’s College in London, becoming chair of the Religious Studies Department. He was awarded Masters Degrees in theology, spirituality and religious education. Naturally in intervening years he spent time as a parish priest, Episcopal Vicar, chaplain to schools and many other roles too numerous to fully know.  His life was dedicated to the Lord and helping others.

For many years Daniel was a regular visitor to our shores leading retreats and speaking engagements for clergy, parishes and educators. He authored 12 books and was a regular contributor to The Tablet and many other well-known publications. Much of Daniel’s works aim to teach what is called the ‘sacramental imagination’, the vision of God’s incarnate presence everywhere which transforms our lives.

Garratt Publishing has proudly supported many of Daniel’s works, and only last year reissued many of his well-loved titles. Our aim was to allow a new generation to discover the theology and spirituality that had proved an inspiration to countless people who encountered him in person.

In his last book, completed just before his death, Dancing to My Death, is an incredibly raw and courageous account. It pulls no punches in terms of Fr Daniel’s struggles to cope with his diagnosis, the challenges of cancer treatment, and the emotional rollercoaster of facing his own death.

His book, An Astonishing Secret is based on the writings of Pope Francis, opening readers’ eyes to revelations about God, Creation, and Incarnation. His intent was to inspire new ideas about the sacredness of our life, and a faith that can genuinely transform.

Begin with the Heart has been used by Catholic Education Systems across the world to help in the personal, professional, and theological formation of teachers.

Retired Executive Director of Sandhurst Catholic Education, Phillomena Billington, says ‘Begin With the Heart is inspirational for all engaged in Catholic Education! It encourages us both personally and communally to relate with our God, our students and each other through a deep and grounded understanding of incarnational theology. It synthesises the wisdom of many and enables us to grasp faith in the everyday.’

Treasured and Transformed, takes any reader on a journey of self-discovery and actualization. If you take this journey you are sure to perceive yourself and the world in shockingly delightful ways, helping you discern the love and meaning in all of life's experiences, even the painful ones. Simply put, our delight in life will flourish, your capacity to love deeply will flood your mind and heart, no matter what. And it will nourish the souls of those around you.

Travelling Light is perhaps Daniel’s best-known work offering wonderful spiritual insights from the Catholic tradition and wisdom from other faiths taking readers on a spiritual journey that will lead to deeper mindfulness and joy.

The recent three-book Habit series is a tonic for any readers’ spirit, a healing for their heart and a self-help guide to mindfulness. Those that wish to live happier, holier and more spiritual lives are sure to be nourished by Daniel’s reflections.

The Happiness Habit explores ways to aid those suffering from Depression or anxiety, or simply those searching for a happier life. The Healing Habit acts as a tonic for one’s soul, helping those seeking enhanced mindfulness, and acts as an insightful and practical guide meant to invigorate the religious education process. The Heavenly Habit builds on the first two books raising the awareness of any reader to the spiritual in their lives. Each title can be read in one sitting or dipped into on occasion. These three books are available as a set.

Other titles include Already Within, Passion for the Possible, Prism of Love, and Unmasking God explore the power of God’s love; within us, around us, and for us.

Much of what Daniel teaches is about the great gift of seeing God in all things - incarnational spirituality.  He did so from the heart. Among the gifts he leaves us with is a new way of being and seeing. He has transformed the lives of so many people and will be sorely missed.

Discover more of Daniel’s legacies and teachings here and please keep him in your prayers…











The Team at Garratt Publishing.

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