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12 Steps to Spiritual Freedom Understanding the Christian Roots of Twelve Step Programs

12 Steps to Spiritual Freedom Understanding the Christian Roots of Twelve Step Programs

Joanna Thyer
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12 Steps to Spiritual Freedom is the second edition of Joanna Thyer’s original groundbreaking work, Steps to Life, A Spiritual journey with Christian Mysticism and the Twelve Steps (ABC Books, 2004). The original linked personal stories with the Christian mystical tradition, and the social and psychological origins of the self-help process that became the Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, so brilliantly conceived by Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith in the 1930s.

12 Steps to Spiritual Freedom expands on the original book with a deeper exploration of the author’s personal journey and the Ignatian exercises, to reveal how the program works and explore the wider human journey. This book will appeal to those who are already in 12 Step programs seeking deeper spiritual development and those with no belief at all, wanting to explore and deepen their own personal journey. For an understanding of how one can grow through grief and loss, this book will also be useful to health professionals as well as people interested in spiritual growth.

JOANNA THYER has worked as a hospital chaplain and counsellor in the areas of trauma debriefing, grief, relationship and workplace issues. She currently works as a University Multi-Faith Coordinator, and Coordinator of a community pastoral program for PLWHA. She holds degrees in Psychology and Theology and has published 5 other books. She lives in Sydney, Australia.


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