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Great Men of the Bible: A Guide for Guys

Great Men of the Bible: A Guide for Guys

Martin Pable

Focusing on eleven men - the ones, in addition to Jesus, he considers "great"- Father Martin Pable explains thier identity, sacred stores, and message for today's men. "This one's for you, guys," he says in his Introduction.

A well-known and respected Franciscan Capuchin priest who works with both men and women in retreat settings, Father Pable appraches the Scriptures with his own Catholic sensibility, but he appeals to those of all Christian denominations and to truth seekers of all backgrounds.

Learn what these "great men of the Bible" have to teach men today: Abraham, the flawed father of our faith; Jacob, a case study of the male journey; Joseph, a model of reconciliation; Moses, a spiritual-political leader; David, from greatness to failure and back again; ELijah, a prophet who wouldn't give up; Jeremiah, a man unbeathen by depression and failure; John the Baptist, a man without ego; Joseph of Nazareth, a man for our times; Peter, more heart than rock; Paul, a man who caught fire.

Questions for reflection and discussion follow each chapter, and Fr. Pable uses a new contemporary translation, The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition, to make the great men of the Bible come alive in ways you may have never experienced before.

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