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What's New about the Mass for Teens Teaching Edition Handbook for Teachers and Catechists

What's New about the Mass for Teens Teaching Edition Handbook for Teachers and Catechists

Maureen A. Kelly

We will soon hear new words to familiar prayers of the Mass. A new English translation of the Mass texts has been prepared and will be implemented for liturgical use on November 27, 2011, the First Sunday of Advent. As this is the first major revision of the English Mass texts since 1973, these new texts provide a significant catechetical opportunity.

This resource is the companion teaching edition to ‘What’s New about the Mass for Teens’. It is designed to help teachers in Catholic schools and catechists and youth ministers in parish religious education programs teach teens about the changes in the Mass texts. The pages of the teen’s edition are reproduced in this teaching edition, and teacher’s hints are provided in the margins. All of the necessary lesson plans have been provided, making it easy for all teachers and catechists to explain the revised prayers and responses. This teaching edition has also been written by Maureen Kelly and is based in part on Paul Turner's adult booklet, ‘Understanding the Revised Mass Texts’.

What’s New about the Mass for Teens Teaching Edition will help you:
• catechize youth in grades seven through twelve;
• plan classroom and religious education lessons about the Mass and the translation;
• teach with creative ideas and methods;
• help youth adjust to change;
• explain complex words, phrases, and theology in simple ways;
•engage teens through life experiences, social networking, and technology;
•emphasize the importance of the Mass as our primary prayer;
• grow in your own faith journey and understanding of the Mass.

Inside you will find:
• a pastoral introduction;
• outlines and plans for six lessons about the Mass;
• marginal notes for teachers;
• activities, questions for reflection, and prayers;
• take home questions
• free reproducible components;
• ways to integrate technology and social media in the classroom;
• clearly marked pages with instructions, teaching tips, and communication tools.

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