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Language of the Unheard

Language of the Unheard


New passions are coming to the surface in societies around the globe. Popular uprisings and social critiques are emerging in response to disempowerment, exclusion and the dismantling of public services and disinvestment in public goods. Martin Luther King once observed that: "a riot is, at bottom, the language of the unheard"; a cold shoulder comes at a price...

This book explores some of stories that lie at the heart of the current upheavals, from the perspective of a country that is still yet to resolve its fundamental contradiction of invasion and colonisation, opting instead for a paternalistic and punitive programme of control over its First Peoples.

Change does not come from above. The history of social justice and change has been written by social movements. However, first, we must all acknowledge these problems as our problems and not someone else’s.

Dr John Falzon is an advocate for a more equitable society. He trained in sociology and poetics. Falzon has worked in academia, research and advocacy in civil society organisations and community development. He has been the Chief Executive of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia since 2006. He has been a poet since 1973.

"This book is written with the burning passion of the Southern Mediterranean Sun; it has the insight of a poet able to conjure up dreams of a better world and a better place. It is breathtaking in it’s scope. It is a call to action, a revolutionary manifesto based on the values civilised people claim as their own."
Paul Bongiorno, Canberra Book-Launch, December, 2012


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