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Becoming Catholic Confirmation - A practical guide for families Revised Edition

Becoming Catholic Confirmation - A practical guide for families Revised Edition

Kathy Horan

The Becoming Catholic Confirmation guide is fully compliant with the new changes to the Rite of Confirmation except for one activity sheet.  The replacement activity sheet can be downloaded here.  Future print runs of this book will incorporate these changes. 

Confirmation is one of the sacraments that has received particular renewal following the Second Vatican Council. It is now seen, along with Baptism and Eucharist, as part of the process of initiation into the Catholic Church. Reception of the sacrament varies from diocese to diocese: some offer the sacrament together with First Eucharist, others separately at the end of primary school. Kathy Horan explains the changes that have taken place and points out that, whatever the diocesan practice, Confirmation is seen by all as the second formal step of initiation.
She provides ten themes around relevant scripture passages to help parents explain the sacrament to their children:
1. Jesus is baptised
2. Baptism: the journey begins
3. T he Church: a community of disciples
4. Pentecost
5. T he Spirit of Jesus is alive in us
6. Confirmation: confirming Baptism
7. Celebrating Confirmation 8. Being a follower of Jesus
9. Living as a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus
10. Called to mission

Each session contains a scripture story, family reflection activities and prayers.

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