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Heroes of the Faith: 55 Men and Women Whose Lives Have Proclaimed Christ and Inspired the Faith of Others

Heroes of the Faith: 55 Men and Women Whose Lives Have Proclaimed Christ and Inspired the Faith of Others

Roland Ashby

“Through the lives of the remarkable men and women insightfully portrayed here, the reader is given a glimpse of the love of Christ and its power to transform. Each profile is a profound testimony to the belief that God is, and that God is love.”
Dr Philip Freier, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne and Primate of Australia

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Heroes of the Faith is an inspiring celebration of people whose lives have been profoundly transformed by their Christian faith, and whose life and works have proclaimed Christ.

The short but in-depth profiles, including of some of Christianity’s giants – women and men who have had a profound and lasting impact on the world – give us glimpses into the transforming love of Christ and the enduring truth of his life and message.

The heroes include the likes of political leaders Abraham Lincoln and Dag Hammarskjöld, pioneering women writers Julian of Norwich and Hildegard of Bingen, philosophers Saint Anselm and Søren Kierkegaard, mystics Julian of Norwich and John of the Cross, workers for the poor Mother Teresa and David Sheppard, poets Gerard Manley Hopkins and Seamus Heaney, theologians Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth, monastic inspirations Saint Benedict and Thomas Merton, Church leaders Pope John XXIII and Archbishop Michael Ramsey, reformers Francis of Assisi and Martin Luther, biblical scholars Tom Wright and Richard Bauckham, modern teachers of prayer Brother Roger of Taizé and John Main, and Australians Catherine Hamlin and Leon Morris.

The writers also give their personal insights into how their Christian heroes have helped to shape their own faith and lives.

The writers include Roland Ashby, Christopher Bantick, Barbara Darling, Mark Brolly, Tim Costello, Rowland Croucher, Christina Fox, Graeme Garrett, Peter Hollingworth, Philip Huggins, Dorothy A. Lee, Michael McGirr, Muriel Porter, Ellen Marie Quinn, Graeme Rutherford and John Stewart.


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