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Make Jesus Real Evaluation Pack of 3 Books

Make Jesus Real Evaluation Pack of 3 Books

Peter Mitchell & Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

Pack contains 1 copy each of Make Jesus Real, Spirit of Jesus and My Friend Jesus.  Limited to 1 set per customer. No further discounts.

MJR can be incorporated into our everyday life at our schools through the use of basic manners, a positive attitude, showing tolerance towards others, giving time for reflection and using encouraging language to highlight the behaviours, values and attitudes that we want to see in our students.

Make Jesus Real

All day, everyday, is a Make Jesus Real day! 

The Make Jesus Real workbook is an excellent resource that aims to help students in Years 5 and 6 gain, and maintain, a positive attitude to life. Its simple, yet powerful message of living Jesus’ values and attitudes is an inspiration for students to live out his message daily. 

Make Jesus Real is a practical and activity based philosophy, supported by the use of the Make Jesus Real workbook produced by Peter Mitchell and published by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office and Garratt Publishing

Make Jesus Real is aligned to Religious Education and Values Education programs throughout Australia 

There are more than fifty attitudes and values in Make Jesus Real and teachers can choose topics that the class will benefit from exploring. Some of the topics include self-discipline, good decision-making, friendship, positive behaviour management, having a sense of humour, handling your problems, resilience, being a giver rather than a taker, and being a team player at home and school. 

More than a workbook, Make Jesus Real is also a journal where students can record their experiences. More than that, it’s a book for life – one that students can refer to in years to come. 

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Spirit of Jesus

Spirit of Jesus
 is a valuable resource that aims to assist students in developing a lifelong relationship with Jesus and his message. This workbook encourages children at Grade 3 and 4 levels to become ‘switched on’ to the presence of Jesus’ spirit in their daily lives.

Spirit of Jesus is full of contemporary activities based on current pedagogy that are designed to engage, excite and support students on their faith journey.

Topics include: 

- gospel values
- sacraments
- spirituality
- positive behaviours and attitudes
- a reflective journal to record students’ own experiences of the spirit of Jesus in their lives

Spirit of Jesus invites children to actively make sense of their Catholic identity through everyday exchanges at home and at school – to see the gospel values in their lived experience. This approach enables students to grow a meaningful commitment to their faith, in the belief that the spirit of Jesus is with them every day. Spirit of Jesus, like Make Jesus Real (the Grade 5 and 6 workbook), is a book for life – one that students can refer to in years to come.

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My Friend Jesus

MJR is centred on the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all those around us. We are his representatives and our actions should reflect his values. This book, My Friend Jesus, is a pastoral resource aimed at early readers from Prep to Grade 2 as an introduction to the Make Jesus Real series and its philosophy or MJR way of life. The idea of bringing Jesus from 2,000 years ago into the here and now of today is very relevant. Young children need to understand these concepts in a simple way and My Friend Jesus does that in a very real manner, allowing the children to relate to the message that it portrays.

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