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Women Deacons and Women in Ministry pack

Women Deacons and Women in Ministry pack

Phyllis Zagano

Pack containg 1 copy each of Women Deacons and Women in Ministry

Women Deacons:

The tremendous growth of the permanent order of the deacon in the Catholic church carries with it lingering and inevitable questions about women deacons. The church’s evident need for more women in ministry demands careful exploration and evaluation of the historical roots, contemporary ecclesial realities and creative future possibilities for including women in the diaconate.

In these three original essays by experts on the diaconate, Gary Macy, William T Ditewig and Phyllis Zagano evaluate the question of women deacons from historical, contemporary and future perspectives in conversation with one another and with the whole church. The result is essential reading for all who are interested in ecclesiology and in questions of women in ministry, as well as for deacons and deacon directors.

Women in Ministry:

This book makes an important contribution to the international conversation on the place of women in ministry. The essays are both readable and infused with research on the restoration of ordained women deacons. Dr Zagano has clearly scoped a legitimate area of discussion and is providing invaluable assistance to the Church moving forward to a renewed future. In this book she examines early ecclesiastical practices, cites current realities within churches in communion with Rome, and articulates implications for participation in church governance as she carefully and cogently invites readers to consider the ordination of women as deacons – a blessed and sacred form of ministry – within the Roman Catholic Church. Readers are left with only one question: Why not?


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