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Ecological Spirituality, Care for our Common Home and the Green Bible Pack of 3 books

Ecological Spirituality, Care for our Common Home and the Green Bible Pack of 3 books

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Pack containing one copy each of the following:

Ecological Spirituality: Caring for our Common Home

Ecological Spirituality: Caring for our Common Home sets out to show that love of the Creator, love for each other and love of our Earth are three facets of the same diamond. There is a great gift of tenderness and love in finding the sacred in all things, the imprint of God’s love. We can discover those gifts if we live contemplatively, opening our bodies and souls to the variety and abundant beauty of creation.

Trish Hindmarsh explores what it means to be ‘spiritual’ and discusses the opportunities to discern what decisions and actions are needed right now to live out an ecological spirituality, responding wholeheartedly to this most serious ‘sign of our times’, and dreaming a better future for our children.

Ecological Spirituality is designed to provide a stimulus for individuals, groups, parishes, seminaries, ministries and schools, and all who are concerned about the environment. There are guiding questions for discussion at the end of each chapter. Many people from all walks of life want to respond to the call from deep within to ‘Care for our Common Home’. This is Pope Francis’ phrase and the sub-title of his encyclical Laudato Si, which is a major resource for this work.

Care for Our Common Home: An Australian Group Reading Guide to Pope Francis' Laudato Si

This 32 page magazine, Care for our Common Home, An Australian Group Reading Guide to Laudato Si’ is an accessible way to take up the Australian bishops’ invitation for Catholic and Christian communities to confront the challenges, and opportunities, raised by Pope Francis’ new encyclical.

Proudly supported by Catholic Earthcare Australia.

Distilling down the encyclical’s 40 000 words over 184 pages, and offering reflections, discussion guides and unique Australian case studies this reading guide is ideal for parish and school communities to take action now!

Green Bible: Words of Love for a Suffering Planet Revised Edition

The current climate crisis has prompted intense discussions, thoughtful reflections, and an energised movement of youth activists. How can Christians, and, indeed, the entire human community, think more deeply about their role and proper place in creation?

This inspiring collection can help. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of voices that span centuries, traditions, races, ages and geography. Pray with those who speak for God’s creation as humankind seeks to find the balance between economic sustainability, justice and respect for the earth.

‘At a time of human history when cultures of greed and violent tools of death and destruction are elevated to a new religion of the market and technologies, and humankind faces the threat of extinction and ecological collapse, The Green Bible is an important reminder that all faiths teach us that we have received the gifts of creation with a duty to care.’


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