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Divine Mercy Chaplet - CD

Divine Mercy Chaplet - CD

Fr Rob Galea

Prayer is sometimes a hard thing to do. “What should I say?” “How should I say it?” I so often come to this point in my prayer life and very often at these moments the first place I turn to are the ‘devotion prayers’ provided to us by the Church. The Rosary is one such prayer, but there is also the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Track Listing:

1. Let Us Arise

2. Prayers (Spoken)

3. The Apostles Creed (Spoken)

4. First Decade

5. Second Decade

6. Third Decade

7. Fourth Decade

8. Fifth Decade

9. Holy God

10. The Conversion Prayer (Spoken)

11. Foot of the Cross

Learn to the pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet during this Year of Youth and in the lead up to the World Youth Day 2019 with this beautiful rendition of the Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer composed and performed by Fr Rob Galea, Natasha and Gary Pinto.


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